OneNote it down!

by Gloupsidou

One of Office’s greatest invention is that of OneNote. Why? Because it is simple, effective and creative.

First, OneNote allows people to share everything through a cloud, under the same principle as icloud. This makes the notes taken in class by students available at all times. Moreover, just like with documents on google drive, students can work on two computers on the same document simultaneously, which is explained here. That comes handy when doing group projects in computer lab classes.

Second, this blog post explains how it’s a virtual binder. It’s classification tool enables students to organize their notes as if they were using a binder. But it’s better than regular binders; you can share that one with others! What is more, you can draw, scribble and sketch in that binder, just like on real paper! Hence, using that file in class to teach, adding stuff on it while teaching and then sharing that document with students is very easy.

Third, it enables you to create task lists. This proves to be useful when keeping track of due dates for papers, assignments, you name it!

Fourth, you can create wiki-links very easily, making notes for students more interactive. A tutorial to do so can be found here.

Overall, OneNote is set to replace Word in no time, as it proves to be much more effective as a tool than Word will ever be! And if the students don’t have OneNote at home? Converting the documents to PDF files is done in a click, making them accessible to all!