Oh, how Pinteresting!

by Gloupsidou

Social medias are always interesting tools to use in a classroom setting. What sets Pinterest apart from the others is its versatility.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media website that encompasses sharing through categorized bookmarks. It allows the users to follow other users as well.

How can it be used in a classroom?

  • First of all, Pinterest can be used to store and share ideas about classroom crafts. By doing so, others can get inspired with new ideas and have a greater variety of activities for students.
  • Secondly, you can integrate it to your and your students’ toolbar, so they can pin websites as they look up stuff. They can organize their search in folders. This helps organize their thoughts better.
  • Show off students’ work by posting individual works in a Pinterest group (called a board), like the Photoshop Peer Critique. This allows students to get feedback from their peers in a creative manner. Another example of that is the Portraits board.
  • Virtual field trips: there are tons of ideas out there for virtual field trips, as well as printables, videos, websites, etc. Virtual field trips is a good way to teach students about the outside world.
  • Activity sheets: many homemade teacher activities are posted on Pinterest, such as scavenger hunt worksheets.
  • Photo journals: By creating an account, students can post in a specific folder journals (since there is a description tool that can be used to write journals too) accompanied by a photo, either related to the topic or the mood of the journal.

Overall, Pinterest is a visually appealing tool that can be used efficiently in the classroom, and a great source of activities for teachers.

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