How is it like over there?

by Gloupsidou

“The lottery of birth is responsible for much of who we are. If you were not born in the country you were, what would your life be like? Would you be the same person?”

The website IfItWereMyHome is the best when it comes to make students think about others abroad. How? Because it compares the person’s living conditions with those of another country.

The website compares different data like death in infancy, unemployment, birth rates, life expectancy, electricity & oil consumptions, wages, money spent on healthcare, chances of having HIV/AIDS, etc. It also compares the size of the country on that to which it is compared by transposing it on a map. An example of can be shown here. There is also a paragraph about additionnal information regarding the country that is included with each country, as well as book suggestions which are about the country.  This can be used as a source to get students to read about a specific country.

It is a great tool to add in classes when talking about politics, environment of the contemporary world. The website talks about disasters such as the Pakistan Flood or the BP Oil Spill, and relates it to the students’ surroundings through the use of a map. By allowing the website to access the location info of your computer, it takes the map of the disaster’s impact and tranfers the effects on a map of the place where the students live. For instance, the Pakistan Flood would cover an area as big as the distance between New Jersey and la Manicouagan. By transposing issues to the person’s life, they may relate to it more and feel concerned about it, which helps retain information.