by Gloupsidou

What is bubbl?

That’s a fairly easy question. is a free mind mapping tool to organize your thoughts, projects, you name it! The website shows various examples of how the mindmaps can be created. Unlike other softwares like popplet, bubbl allows users to include documents and pictures to the mind maps.

How can it be used in a classroom?

This website can be used to start off team projects. Brainstorming is made easier thanks to those tools, and students organizing their thoughts in a mind map oftens helps them to see the bigger image. It enhances critical thinking and creativity. A tutorial on how to use create mind maps can be found here.

The mind maps created can be made collaboratively, as they can be shared. This enables students to brainstorm separately or to work on two different parts of the project at the same time.

Teachers can use it to present concepts in language classrooms, where students cooperate together with the teacher to complete the mind map together. An example of that is the Wizard of Oz exercise. Other activities inspired from this website are descriptive activities, where the students are asked to write about the mind map studied without using the words it contains. Moreover, it is a good way to elicit information about novels students were assigned to read, as they can summarize their thoughts and organize them, while using recast.

Other fun things about Bubbl

Several bubbl reviews can be found online, such as here, here and here.