Youtube it out!

by Gloupsidou

Youtube is a great tool to use in class. Students are always interested when Youtube is mentioned in class, as they use it outside of school for entertainment purposes.

One way to use Youtube in a classroom is by showing movies. In language classes, input in the target language is necessary to acquire better language skills. Watching movies is a great way to enhance their exposure to the language by keeping it interesting. Many movies are available on the website, and there is the possibility to filter the videos labeled 18+ to make sure it is viewer-friendly.

Another way to include Youtube in courses is through experiments. There are TONS of channels strictly related to science experiments, such as Science Bob or SpanglerScienceTV. Viewing experiments is a simple way to teach material in an interesting manner for the students.

Interactive science tutorials are also available, on channels such as dancingmadscientist. They enable the students to visualize the experiment before reproducing it. Other tutorials about school subjects like mathematics can be found in a simple research on Youtube. For instance, there are tutorials  for factoring with algebra that are easy to follow for students. Vihart is, in my opinion, the most entertaining teacher on Youtube. The doodlings are fun to watch while learning something.

The last application of Youtube in class I’ll discuss is that of language classes online. Some channels, like talktomeinkorean and SpanishDict, are dedicated to teaching languages online. Showing those in class may make it easier to get new information through or to review things the students have a harder time to grasp. Other channels also focus on pronunciation, so it’s easier for students to learn how to pronounce correctly more difficult words.